Training Program

Here’s The SIMPLE Secrets: Follow the Six Part Training Program

By Using these Simple Steps YOU Will Lead Your Child To That I Can Do That! Feeling

Moving mastery: Need a Movement and Sports Training Program for your kids?  We all want our children to enjoy moving and physical activity during their play times. I have spent over twenty years organizing and creating a 6 part Training Program for youngsters.

I offer you a series of lessons on this web site that will provide a start for your backyard workouts with your youngsters. Use the links below to take you to each of the movement and sports training ideas. Want to see you child enjoying the out-of-doors? Having a youngster join in active play and display confidence IS the goal of each parent. If you take a little time to review the tiny little lessons here… you will discover a set of tasks that you can use to steer you Little Person of Action into success in moving WELL!

Five quick minutes will be enough to get them started! Using games kids play to teach as well as help kids learning. Doing so allows YOU fill that role as the child’s first teacher. Think of lots of little lessons, some only one minute long, that YOU provide for your child That is my goal on this web site: to show you some easy to teach ideas that train and teach during the games kids play.

There are 6 parts to the series. Each part focuses on a set of SKILLS. If you find these lessons useful, you are able to order the whole series of eBooks at

  • You will find a series of training tasks aimed at developing children’s health. Locomotor skills, balance training, building muscles, handling equipment, maneuvering
  • Get your kid!
  • Find a safe place for a quick lesson together!
  • And in a few weeks they will be moving WELL!

The 6 Part  Movement  and  Sports Training Series:

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Each SKILL SET has a series tasks to try under your watchful eyes.
Theses tiny jobs are quick to do.

Think of each task as: little jobs to do. But they will attempted under your educated eyes.

We all realize that PLAY is the work of children. Get your kids to work as they PLAY! Our learning never ends.

Kids learning never ends.

Think of these lessons as parts of preschool physical education.
Practicing these lessons will improve many aspects of childhood health.

Use the Kidskills Training Manuals as a guide…for teaching as a a parent or caregiver! Available as eBooks on Amazon’s Kindle, iPads at iTunes, and Barnes and Noble’s Nook.