Preschool Pairs Practice Knee  Bends

Pair your preschoolers and see if they can master a simple knee bend.

Why not introduce your children or students to a simple skill that is a part of every movement pattern from dancing, sports or fundamental movement?

This task will give preschool youngsters the ability to learn how to slightly flex their knees. This action is a basic part of most movements that children do as they move from walking to running and useful as they attempt to control their body weight as they land from a jump or as they leave a piece of playground equipment.

For a START, ask you child to keep they arms close to the sides of their body.

  1. Then, using a hand clap to establish a 1, 2 and 1, 2 beat:
  2. ASK the child to lightly and slightly bend BOTH KNEES.

The action is just a ‘bouncing’ move!

Bounce!  Bounce!  Bounce! Bounce!   1, 2, 3, 4.

Knee bends for preschoolers Pair up preschoolers to practice simple skill

IF two children can pair up, facing each other: TRY this knee bounce as a partnership.

The children will be listening to your clapping cues as well as watching each other and building awareness of another’s movement.

This awareness of others is valuable, of course, in active play, organized games and just plain body management as a person manages their movement pathways when moving amongst others.

This partnering gives children the knowledge of how to ‘mirror’ another person’s actions.  Non-verbal awareness of movement patterns offer a rapid way to acquire skills without words.

But, as you training your students, try to include as many words that give cues:  directional words, words that suggest a movement quality: like s-l-o-w -or-  move quickly!!

Ask the two children to ‘switch’ positions on the floor. This will change their orientation, slightly, and encourage mental flexibility!

Need any other ideas to encourage your preschoolers physical activity?  Try the Kidskills Manuals for Movement and Sports Training that are available as eBooks at Apple’s iBookstore and Kindle store.