Get these Preschool Feet Moving to PLAY

We all have done: simple foot work like this skill. Let’s have your preschooler practice in a safe place.

These ‘moves’ will build a movement vocabulary for play and sports as well as build word awareness vocabulary for active play times!

Feet skills for preschoolers    Working on feet for preschoolers play

Preschool PLAY Task:    WALK Feet Apart

  1. Ask you child to place their feet: side-by-side with BIG Toes Touching!
  2. Then: use the cue words:  TOES APART and urge them to swing ALL their toes OPEN to the sides.
  3. Then: suggest they SWING their heels APART..again to the side.
  4. This will make their feet move APART from each other.
  5. Have them STOP when they get their feet WIDE.
  6. REST.
  7. Reverse the action: WALK TOES IN——>
  8. WALK heels together.
  9. REPEAT until back at START position.
  10. Practice as FUN!!

This task will build coordination and balance. The transfer of weight: from toes to heels also gets the child to use the ‘ball’ of each foot as develop body control that is essential to ALL movement skills.

When your child is sure of their skills, add some rhythm, a hand clap or simple four-count music to get this SKILL as part of their movement vocabulary.

And mention vocabulary:  use all the direction terms and parts of the body that are in ‘action’ during these workouts!

Aid Preschoolers Play

Movement Education WORDS:

  1. toes
  2. heels
  3. apart
  4. open
  5. to the sides
  6. together
  7. arms-to aid balance
  8. knees-bend a bit
  9. head held high
  10. STOP
  11. START

If this practice skill was a good teaching aid, try the six KidSKILLS Manuals as ebooks at and iBookstore for iPads.

The iPad ebooks have musical accompaniments on each page to give practice play times a fun note!

Make a daily time for your preschooler to practice and get their body-brain connections strong.