Imagery – A tool for guiding active play

by kidskills

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Add Imagery to Active play

Use Imagery – in the world of Children. As you are encouraging your youngsters to try simple tasks, climb playground equipment, enjoy swinging; -or- move by hopping of jumping: use words that put an image, with which they can identify, to pair with their movement challenge.
Some examples are:
1. Jump over a puddle.
2. Jump and splash into a puddle.
3. Bend your body like a limp noodle.
4. Make your body straight ‘like a popsicle stick’.
5. Lift your feet quickly: like walking on ‘hot’ sidewalks.

Imagery with words Encourages movement quality

By using their memories and observations of nature and other experiences, you can evoke responses that will enhance their skill performances.
Words make moving fun. Clever ideas can use animal motions [slow movement of bears/turtles], nature’s models [wind blowing] as inspirations for active PLAY!
Ask the child to be ‘tiny’ as a bug: pulling feet together and arms into their legs as this image.
Be a BUG Use words that bring images to the child’s mind

By using an idea that brings an experience to the child’s mind, you can develop qualities of movement that will build the child’s ‘movement vocabulary’.  They have seen animal’s motions, watched the forces of nature: wind, ocean, rain, leaves falling…and all those visions can be converted into word suggestions that will give the child a clear ‘picture’ of what body shape or muscle tensions can be applied to a specific skill you two might be practicing.

Try different words that spring from:

  • Animal traits
  • Nature’s actions
  • Textures: like fur, bumpy like a tree’s trunk
  • Rhythms: like a bouncing ball
  • Temperature contrasts: hot, cool, freezing

As your discover a word that works:  brings a good demonstration of a particular quality…store that phrase into your teaching talk and use it often.

Repetition is the powerful tool of building movement skills.

Just like you Mom said: “Practice makes perfect!”  and good movement makes kids feel confident.

You want to give your children that ” I Can Do That!” confidence.

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