Feet give solid sense of control

by kidskills

in foot skills,preschoolers,sensorimotor

Feet: bare feet are the choice for play times for youngsters.
There is a richly dense matrix of nerves that saturate the sole of everyone’s feet. These sensing cells deliver messages into the brain of your child. Those cells give the child a clear and accurate reading on how they can keep ‘in balance’.

Whether they are trying to tip-toe across the carpet -or- hold a one-leg balance while holding a balloon, your children will be receiving the best information from their feet’s sensing cells, if they are barefooted.

Soles of feet loaded with sensing cells

Youngsters can give their brain the most sensing information when their feet are uncovered. Bare feet are the best because the soles of the feet are saturated with sensory cells that allow keen balance and rapid reactions to maintain body control.

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