Explore movement during play

Want your kids to explore movement during their play times?

Get your children to open, safe spaces, on playgrounds and …let ’em explore!

They will build patterns of movement, store great motor memories and make their brain cells grow. Play builds kids!

play explores life Exploration through play times

In our current world, parenting and childhood educations shower us with theories, data, opinions and advise.

Isn’t it burdensome to read all the articles and points of view?  As a teacher -or- parent, we seek the ‘best practice’ the direct route and answer: to the questions have to enable our children good growth of:

  • Physical development
  • Cognitive engagement
  • Social skill mastery
  • Attention and focus

There are many ways that youngsters benefit from time spend exploring during play.

There benefits are the goals for making time in open safe spaces

Challenges are available as opportunities to climb heights, balance on narrow supports, self-test, and stimulate the vestibular sense [inner ear].

When a child can self-test, under your guidance, they build their confidence. If a chosen task give a hard challenge, you can assist the child and give them the first experience of ‘doing’ that task.

Then, most children will have ‘inner drive’ to try a task “by myself”!

Be close as the child explores movement. IF the next try give a success.  that is a ‘take-home’ confidence that does not come in a shiny box.

Play builds kids confidence in fundamental kids skills.  Each kid deserves to hold as mastery of as many movement skills as possible.

Each child has abilities that teacher and parents can nurture with:

  1. Trips to playgrounds: use of local areas near homes.
  2. Recruitment of the senses: visual ideas, physical tasks, sounds
  3. Time: daily sessions or walking outings with exploring as the key.
  4. Trust building activities:  self-testing to build confidence.

Use the Kidskills Movement and Sports Training Series to make a plan for kid skills development.