Daily Move: Make a Circle with your Body

by kidskills

in active play,body-mind connection,focus,imagination,preschoolers

Circle shape Use words that bring images to the child’s mind: Circle Shape

Today we are going to try physical literacy.

Using moves as words in a sentence but we will be able to express movement shapes and sequences as time passes.

Make a circle with your body:

  • Use both arms.
  • Shape a circle with your body.
  • Bend your legs into a circular form.

With a quick storyline -or- by creating a verbal image:

suggest to your preschoolers that they can choose any part of their body to complete this task: MAKE A CIRCLE SHAPE.

Practice movements to master your abilities

Whether your child explores which body section to use as they express their solution to the challenge, they will be learning to control their limbs or body.

Adding the language of movement:

  • Together
  • Long
  • Apart
  • Touching
  • Around

A clever teacher can evoke exploration and imagination!

Suggest the use of the ground or floor as a surface to support the body.

Maybe your urging to your child or student could encourage an original sahpe:

  • Use just your fingers.
  • Try shaping a circle with both hands
  • Try to shape an “O” with your mouth.
  • Connect your hands to your feet while arching your back into a circle

Ask the child to ‘show the circle shape’.

Hold it as a pose.

Then try to have them do two ‘circle’ shapes: one first, then a second, like words in a sentence.

First, show one circle; then the second.

This is a form of literacy: physical literacy.

In this form of literacy, a person will show their trials, and after some practice, show their mastery of fundamental moves.

We learn to move then move to learn then:  LEARN to LEARN..

  • Move moves
  • Good balance
  • Excellent awareness of space
  • Clarity in alignment

Encourage your children and join them in this challenge.

Fun for all as well as fundamental agility practice that will build a movement vocabulary.