Daily Active Play: Just a reminder that  providing a time for active play will bring these Benefits for your preschool youngster. They will:

  • Make gains in their movement skills,
  • Build Confidence
  • Boost their motivations to be active now and for their lifetimes

You may be the child’s parent -or- maybe your role is that of a teacher. Often we serve in both roles: parent and the first teacher. Model positiveness about moving and being active everyday,

Recall the terrific feeling that you have enjoyed when:

you ran fast, made a successful tag-out -or- caught a pass! The confidence that practicing a fundamental movement brings will allow your youngster to thrive!

Build some time into each day:

  • To share with your youngster
  • To explore a playground
  • To try simple tasks: climbing a ladder, landing safely from a slide
  • To build those connections between muscles and mind

Today’s suggestion: for a task to try

hoop active play Try this hoop play with your preschoolers

As you child tries to slip through a hoop, they will be increasing their abilities to sense “how big they are”.

They will learn how to bend and slip through the hoop without touching, if you suggest that challenge.

Extend the learning session by holding the hoop horizontal to the ground.

  1. Have the child place their toes at the rim of the hoop.
  2. Ask them to keep their feet close together and JUMP into the center of the hoop.
  3. Have then JUMP a second time and LAND outside the hoop.

Use these simple tasks to build language. Use the words: into the center; outside the hoop; turn and JUMP IN again.

Youngster Need Active Play Everyday

While you guide the active play and model some fundamental skills give lots of positive feedback as you two play and your child will:

Move to Learn and Learn to MOVE….AND

LEARN to LEARN…in this active process!