Counting while moving

by kidskills

in preschoolers

Count moves!…as Kidskills has been urging: play actions provide simple and daily ways to practice the fundamentals in motion and in numbering.
When you say: one, two, three, four! [adding a hand clap,too] as you child moves in a walk pattern, doing small jumps off the floor -or- holding a leg off the ground in a one-leg standing balance: YOU embed concepts of counting. The child ‘links’ the measured counts in both the brain and muscle memory.
Those connections: synaptic pathways can persist and deliver —> to the child —-> confidence!

Need some quick lessons? Try one of the sic Kidskills Manuals for iPads or Kindles.
Ready Set GO! and one-two-three-four Do daily activities that use numbering and movement! Nothing but GOOD!! Make moving fun!