Landing while Bending those Knees

Here’s another view of that ‘secure’ and ‘safe’ landing position we want our children to be able to perform.

Landing a jump in control Landing a jump with feet together, in control

Landing with a deep bending of the knees; steadying the torso and spine with the stretch of both arms; keeping head lifted and eyes forward: all these ‘cues’ will promote your kids’ ability to land in control.
Good for safety and for sports!
We want to here our children shout: “I Can Do That!”.
Get physical activities into every day!

Your youngster can transfer this simple action into their sports and playground games. Even after taking a slide, it is very important to be able to decelerate their body weight to a safe and controlled landing at the bottom of the slide.

Take your child’s hands, facing them, and ask them to follow you spoken count: one, two, three. As you count: bend you knees, slightly and while holding their hands, have them imitate your actions.

There can be a variation of the depth of the knee bend, just for fun!

Take a few minutes and ask your child to join you in trying to watch other youngsters, in the playground area or neighborhood. Try to discover when this ‘deep knee bend’ is used.

Mention landing is a part of coming to a stand after shooting a basketball at the hoop. Bending the knees to control a LANDING, is a part of kicking action.

As a diver leaves the springboard, they use a deep knee bend to generate speed and force.

Practice those three-in-a-row knee bends until they are a natural response!

Play well and every day.