Play builds confidence

by kidskills

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Moving across the monkey bars Muscles Move Kids and build their  self-confidence

PLAY is practice!

Play times are just practice times for children. Just like the kids who participate in organized youth sports, youngsters who can get to a playground can build their bodies, brains and self-confidence!

Play for children is just practice time. Like practice during musical lessons, math drills, reading sessions, play can build all the neurological pathways between body and brain. The more pathways is recruited, in a neurological sense, the more efficient the passage of information along that route becomes.

Think of all the tasks we practice:

  1. Sports skills: specific -or- generalized abilities: running, jumping, tossing, catching.
  2. Music: instruments -or- vocal work.
  3. Math facts
  4. Recognizing letters, words.
  5. Signs in our world: traffic, cautions, directional.
  6. Sequences in ‘doing’: cooking, daily self care.

All these simple jobs build neural routes and make the brain more dense:  filled with functional brain cells.

So n the span of childhood, make certain your child is able to exercise both the body, brain and decision-making abilities while ‘working’ at play. The choices at a playground: what equipment to use, how to hold on to the bars/chains on a swing, the side rails on a slide…all demand choice. A child can build their abilities to choose, to act and to respond to the experiences while at a playground.

The socialization opportunities abound in that environment also.

  • Observing other children.
  • Noticing the ‘way’ to hand, move, ‘pump a swing‘ give knowledge to the child.
  • Their attempts: some successfully, some less effective: are experience and the better attempts noted by the child.
  • Challenges: to release and jump to a ‘landing’, the ‘start’ of a sliding motion~ down the slide…ALL build a child’s confidence in themselves!

Done with some regularity within a child’s play…everyone benefits: parents know that they have nurtured growth and development but the priceless bonus is a child’s self confidence.

When the shout: Watch Me!! I can do that!  the day is marked as GREAT!