Locomotor Skills

Try these 8 Basic Locomotor Skills!

Locomotor skills  Do you know what that term includes?

These COOL Moves Will Exercise Kids’ Bodies and Kids’ Brains

Take time to teach the 8 locomotor steps:

  1. Walk
  2. Jump
  3. Hop
  4. Slide
  5. Gallop
  6. Leap
  7. Run
  8. Skip

The basic locomotor skills develop from the a child’s desire to move and the desire to explore. Learning these steps does not come naturally!  Kids need to have some coaching and suggestion to gain confidence in trying to move in some funny ways.

You can use the Movement and Sports Training Manuals to guide your children and students through a simple series of progressively organized tasks that will bring them that:  I Can Do That! confidence!

Little People of Action ~ your children ~ are eager to explore their environment.

Creative movements develop from variations on the fundamentals of movement. One slide will be added to the first step of walking.

With some adults guidance, children can explore movement and try:the idea of repetition to gain a skill~then: 2 steps will become a series of rapid steps that develop a rhythm that feels good!

Basic step sliding

The little running around steps, the super-courageous attempts of jumping off a high step, the tries at making basketball go through the hoop ….kids love to achieve. They wants to move well!

Build each day:  new steps, new words to describe movements and qualities; new words to define directions and spatial orientations! Blend the words into your child’s word world!