Active Learning Builds on Correct Body Positions

Active Learning Using Correct Body Positions

Which Provide Sports Readiness for Preschoolers

During active play, active learning happens: BIG TIME!

There are 6 basic body positions that are really going to help your youngsters gain body control. Read about a few training tips that will allow your children to begin to get ready for ACTION!

Call it active learning or movement education but your careful guidance will smooth the way for your careful guidance will smooth the way for your kids.

Physical development will give your child more strength and courage over time. If they learn these body positions fundamentals early in their preschool learning, they will practice the skills and build a great base for sports readiness as well as solid connections between their body and brain for cognitive gains.

There are four body positions that a child must master to get moving WELL!

These positions have names and specific rules that will enable body control for the child.

Teach and watch these ideas!

Six Body Positions for Preschoolers

When you youngsters see examples of these positions and give them a try with your careful eyes watching their attempts, they will try hard to get the tasks right!

Remember how you begged someone to Watch ME?

So get familiar with these MOVES and train these positions:

  • Tuck [seated]
  • Straddle
  • Pike
  • Balance
  • Squat [on feet]
  • Lunge

Hearing these words spoken by YOU, should make your young student of movement MOVE exactly into a START POSITION.

By spending a little time at this web site, you will learn the powerful links between consistent use of specific words which will bring good body skills into PLAY.

Help your youngster get the RIGHT body moves!

There are several simple ways to aid preschool development for your child so they will gain that I CAN DO THAT! confidence.

Showing them a series of body positions and explaining a few techniques will boost their self assurance and give them a GREAT START in every race or skill they might try.

Look at these training hints now!

Active Learning Must Start with Movement Fundamentals

Squat with chin down

Squat with chin dropped down

Squat with head lifted

Squat Position with head lifted

We would suggest that you might gain some game ideas to get kids moving at this Parenting Site.

If you or someone you know teaches youngsters, they might benefit from the  Movement and Sports Training Manuals to get kids to master basic movement skills.