How to Move

How to Move

PLAY is a child’s work.

How to Move It is a mistake that many parents make that children naturally learn those fundamental movement skills that build body-mind connections and form the foundation for sports readiness.

That well-worn phase can remind parents and caregivers that even in the 21st century, when we see children so engaged with movement experiences: swinging, the whole act of sliding: climbing, aligning their bodies, the push-off, THE RIDE and the fears involved with landing, trying the monkey bars, the whole playground scene…when a child can bring some level of mastery to a play session:  they thrive and gain FOCUS through self-testing. When guided and practiced with safety…kids grow and WELL!

Play is fun.

Help Your Children Gain Active Movement Skills & Sports Training

With a lifetime of teaching experience that has focused on enabling children to join other children as well as gain mastery of their movement skills, Diane Massad

Natural Play will give youngsters

both exercise and knowledge!

When play times are carefully guided by YOU ~ your children make gains in self-confidence.

Participation in play requires some degree of proficiency.

With encouragement and suggestions, YOU the caregiver can bring richness to natural explorations in movement.

As you click through this website,

you will find a simple preschool learning system for the youngster(s) in your life.

Use quick drills are offered to guide the practice simple tasks. Good repetition through practice build success for the youngsters’ movement skills.

There are six sections to cover. By following this 6 part: KidSKILLS Training Series YOU guide your child through simple tasks that will encourage confidence and that I Can Do That! feeling.

Do you own a tablet? If so, through the iTunes iBookstore you can download the 6 Manuals and ‘show and listen’ to the media enhanced eBooks that will give your children a bright view of how to move!  OR use your Nook or Kindle.

Let’s Play! …that’s what a youngster shouts when they are ready for fun!

Give them time and space to Explore and to PLAY Games that are full of movement
Learn How ~ Kids Games And Movement Are the Keys to Preschool Learning

Body Power + Brain Power = BRILLIANCE