Children’s Needs

Children’s Needs…

~ A Caregiver Holds the Ultimate Role of Influence~

Children’s needs are unending and meeting the needs takes planning and funding but the largest gift from a parent is the Gift of Time!

Even basic children’s needs: make large demands on the parents: clothing, nutrition, education, beds, play things: all demand funding and finding.

There are details and decisions and a thousand threads that we weave in our roles as caregivers and parents. But most importantly a parent must Be THERE!

Yes, there are times when a career or responsibilities to other family members take the parent to another place, temporarily. But the simple knowledge ~by the child~ that their parent is accessible [via phone or texting or soon-to-return] is a basic need for a child.

Preschool play brings kid skills.

Preschoolers can gain skills at active play times.

Children’s Needs..what are they?



Especially in the first five years:

A child needs to feel safe.

All children need to know that they are special to you.

A child needs to feel confident about what they will find in their environment.

A child needs discipline.

A child needs a blend of freedom and limits.

A child needs exposure to diversity in cultural elements: books, music, arts.

The Foundation of A Relationship Is TRUST
What Are the Keys to Establishing Trust?

Having a child-centered concern for the activities being pursued by the youngster that are paired with loving attention and adequate time are
The KEYS to building TRUST and LOVE.
Attention and Time

Taking that extra few seconds to allow a child to express their feelings in a spilling out manner,

demonstrates your selflessness.


For caregivers, the basic needs of children can be met in the hundreds of venues where PLAY happens.


The picnic luncheons in the park or at the zoo

food shared

rituals established

playtimes enjoyed by both parent and child.

Relationships are built and memories made.

In the act of fulfilling these basic needs of children,

relationships firm the bonds of a parent-child unit.