Ball handling

Play SKILLS: Ball Handling Practice

For skills development, guide your child using this drill.

With your guidance, you can teach  the youngsters will  how to hold a ball with two hands and push the ball downward with all their fingers.

This task is a simple one but will provide an increase in the child’s self-confidence. Being able to control a ball when it is bouncing, is difficult. But there are several teaching hints to nurture this ability development through training.

There are several educational principles that must be understood [by both YOU and the child]. These scientific concepts include:

  • The weight of an object and the effect of different weights of objects while in your hands or under your feet.
  • The effects of gravity on an object.
  • The effect of force when it is applied to an object
  • The techniques of eye tracking: monitoring an object while it is in motion
  • Correct alignment of fingers and both lower and upper arms
  • Good posture and alignment
  • Effective selection of hand and finger direction as object approaches the child.

Equipment:  Using a medium ball  7”-10” (20-30 cm.) and a hoop 25-35” (60-90 cm.). Lay the hoop FLAT on the ground, between the child and YOU.  Place each of your feet at the outside edge of the hoop.

Ball bounding into hoop

  1. Standing with feet slightly apart, the child holds the ball with both hands. Arms are extended downward.
  2. Ask the child to bounce the ball into the HOOP.  “Bounce the ball into the POT”.
  3. Ask them to use enough force by PUSHING the ball, to not only make the ball bounce into the CENTER of the hoop, BUT to bounce to you, the partner.
  4. Reverse PUSH and Bounce from you to the child.
  5. Urge them to stand TALL when catching the ball.
  6. Catch the ball with both hands.
  7. Repeat until action is smooth and controlled.

Look at the Training Series for more ideas to train ball handling skills in Part Six: Hang On skills.

Visit for purchase the Training Manual Six called: Hang ON! It present a progressive series of lessons to develop the use of the hands and fingers in directing a ball’s force and cultivating accuracy with age appropriate ideas and hints for the teacher: YOU!