Can your kid- HOP 3 times in place?

Can your child do this skill?

TASK:  Hopping on one leg 3 times?

Of the kid skills: hopping seems easy. But can you child really do that skill?

OF course, you will rapidly respond!!  Your child can show anyone that they can hop on one leg three times! Try during play times.

Remember a HOP requires leaving the supporting surface by the force of one leg while maintaining balance and done with confidence and strength and CONTROL.

That skill, though, simple in description, is a complex ability and requires cognitive and motor learning!

Hopping involves:

  1. Shifting the body’s weight to one side of the skeletal system.
  2. Demands the additional shifting of the the supporting leg’s foot balance point: forward towards the toes.
  3. Alters the center of gravity.
  4. Requires the ability to effectively use a series of joints: hip, knee, ankle as well as the bones of the foot and toes.
  5. Requires sufficient strength in the body’s legs to repulse the supporting surface to elevate the body to an airborne status.
  6. Demands that the supporting leg can receive and sustain the dynamic action of the hopping body as it returns to the ground.
  7. Needs adequate torso stability [the core-in fitness trend terms] to afford body control during the triple hop.

Why don’t you use the Training Program to make certain your kids get fundamental kid skills in movement MASTERED! You, the child’s first teacher will ask your child to try a series of simple tasks that will, progressively, lead them to mastery of that specific movement skills. Then the next task in the Training series will build on the skill they have mastered.

Over some time, active play can provide a solid ability base for your youngsters. These play skills form the fundamental movement foundation for:

  • Physical education
  • Physical health
  • Sports participation
  • Social games participation