Hang by their hands?

Can your kids:  hang by their hands?

Test your preschoolers strength by hanging

In a safe environment, like a playground or a backyard gym, find the equipment that will allow your child to teach their ability to support their body weight by gripping their hands…

  • horizontal ladders
  • a pair of small suspended rings
  • a bar, at a safe height

If possible introduce some variations like:  [you-the caregivers should stay close to the child]

  • while holding their arms long, tuck both knees up towards their chest
  • while holding tightly, ask them to separate their feet a few inches
  • if successful, next time up, in a holding position, ask them to slightly swing their feet forward and backwards

Even a well secured thick rope might be a great tool for building confidence in support their body weight.

HAnging on by your hands...

This practice will build control of the body as a well as build the body-mind connectivity. The ability to hold their body weight, in a controlled manner, is not easy.

Try to select a safe place, where you can be their guide and aid. Select a solid horizontal ladder on a playground or a stable horizontal bar that allow You to stand firmly and securely. Your role is to provide a firm grip on the child while encouraging them to try the skill.

Lift them up where they can try to use both hands for gripping, even if only briefly. Then, when the child seems receptive, try again and perhaps extend the ‘hang time’. The act of traveling across the horizontal ladder [in picture] is called bracchiating.

For further lessons read the Making Muscles part of this web site.

When a child attempts a simple kid skill, they implant that trial in their motor memory. Even when they are not at the play area, they recall the activity and build their self-concept. Make certain that each play time includes:

  • Repetitions of kid skills that they have mastered
  • Kid skills that have not been mastered yet: new skills
  • Time to explore new ways to move: sliding, swinging longer and with ‘pumping’
  • Reversing the sequence of an action

While working with your youngster, get active yourself!