Can your Preschooler…do this?

Can your child do these play skills?

TASK:  Hop on one leg 3 times?

OF course, you will rapidly respond!!  Your child can show anyone that they can hop on one leg three times! Learn some easy teaching tips to promote the mastery of this kid skill. Click the TASK link and see simple ways to get your kid on the move.

TASK: Hang by their hands?

Find a safe place for them to test their ability to support their body by hanging. A horizontal ladder at a playground would be perfect. The skill of handing on is eclipsed only by the thrill of moving across that ladder. Help them attempt this skill with just a little subtle aid for you. Click the TASK link and read some teaching tips.

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Basic Play Skills Give Confidence

When a youngster is on a playground or romping in a open space, they explore their movement skills. Basic play skills include:

  • Balancing on a certain part of the body: foot, knee, bottom, back, hands, head
  • Handling an object: frisbee, ball, hop, rope, scarf, wand
  • Moving like an animal: bear, snake, bird, puppy, cat, horse [imitation via an imagination]
  • Hanging: by knees, hands, over a bar on their tummy
  • Crawling: on knees, on tummy, scooting on their back
  • Getting off the ground: jumping [two legs], leaping, hopping [one leg use], galloping, sliding, walking, running, skipping

A list of movement skills includes the fundamental kid skills that constitute a vocabulary. When a child [or an adult] have practice these skills and have mastered these abilities: they gain the I Can Do That! confidence.

When a person has personal confidence that they can knock a volleyball over the net, or connect with the softball while holding a bat, that person has a good self-image. Having these kid skills, provides another route to participation in a social setting:

  • Family gatherings: reunions, picnics, backyard games
  • School-based activities and instructional times
  • Casual opportunities to meet and join in activities while traveling or visiting other people.

Make sure that you make and take time to teach your children the skills and techniques involved in these tasks!