Play Builds Kids

Each child can build their body and mind through simple minutes of play!

Take a role in building your child’s abilities by suggesting simple tasks to try during play times.

Let’s help kids get ‘upside down’!

This task will begin handstands, but very very beginning level, by developing arm support.

At some time, children can try to support themselves on their arms.
Done in a safe space, this simple task will begin to develop grip and arm strength.
1. Ask the child to place both hands, side-by-side.
2. Use a low beam -or- just try the floor as a supporting surface.
3. The hands should be placed shoulder width apart.
4. For encouraging straight strong arms, suggest the children keep their arms straight ‘like DRY spaghetti’.
5. Encourage a small push from both feet to lift their bottoms to the sky!
6. Practicing this simple move often will bring good brain-body connections as self-confidence develops.
Have a HAPPY beginning handstand!

Simple task By practicing this simple coordination skill, between arms and feet , kids can start work on handstands.


Stand close by to steady the action. give some hints to keep things lively!!

Repeat as enjoyed!

And remember to try again, on the next play time.

The Kidskills Movement and Training Manuals give illustrations and a series of progressive tasks to try.

Use these eBooks for your family or classes. Also for Nook, Kindle and iPads.