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Diane Massad ~ Founder

WE would like to get to know you and as weel, Get to Know Us!

Diane is a lifelong educator and advocates for youngsters physical activity and family fitness.

Educational Mission ~ Providing Careful Instruction

Our goal is to provide, fun, safe gymnastics instruction for schools, municipal recreation centers, cooperative nursery schools and corporate child care facilities. The educational effort was founded in 1994 by Diane Massad. She had conducted instructional programs for community recreational departments from 1971. Our gymnastics instruction contributes to the overall development of a child. The basics of balance, strength, flexibility and overall body awareness are presented in a progressively organized curriculum for the students.

The movement education and gymnastics training business and this web site is owned by Diane Massad. Kidskills supplies training books, curriculum and training products for the Early Childhood populations.

Participation in gymnastics classes provide children with many physical, cognitive and psychological benefits.

Exercise for preschoolers

The abilities to focus, to concentrate, to solve problems, ALL KEY LIFE SKILLS are build into our Training System.

Kidskills movement training Media enhanced Editions bring music and guidance to the lessons

These training eBooks are available at Apple iTunes. Barnes and Noble stores and web site and

There is a Baby Exercise Calendar available for new parents: to follow a daily set of exercises for the baby’s first year.

Baby exercise book Year-long Baby Exercise Calendar