Apply Brain Science to Motor Skills Development

Brain Science Builds Body-Mind Connections

With advances in brain science and brain imagery in the 21st century, educators have begun embracing neuro-education. Schools have been integrating brain science to motor skill development through both their instructional classes as well in producing a series of   Training Series video instruction.

When the muscles are active they send messages to the brain via the neural system. These information routes carry messages to the brain and then the brain returns messages to the muscles. this is called the body-mind connection. Practicing skills and motor patterns is very important to establish solid routes for this motor sequencing.

With practice the difficult skills are made automatic by the efficiency of the brain. Brain scientists are assisting athletes in understanding have good practices, simple learning methods that include visualization aid skill acquisitions.

The old adage: Practice makes perfect!  is still a good message for sports trainers to advocate for their students.

In the process of viewing and reviewing the visual information of the videos, your child will gain awareness of physical skills and knowledge of balance, directions, agility, dexterity and coordination. The children will make gains in strength, timing accuracy and rhythm. All these components are critical to learning to control the body as well as creating a smooth transmission of messages along the neural system. The power of the brain will link with the power of the body to yield BRILLIANCE!

Also Kidskills founder, Diane Massad is Certified in the Interactive Metronome brain training that increase the speed of managing information in the nervous system.

Those gains bring:

  • Fluency in reading and math processing
  • Fluency in motor sequencing
  • Efficient processing of information along the brain’s circuits

Interactive Metronome ® is a computer-based brain training program, supported by an ever expanding wealth of scientific research.

Multiple independent studies have shown Interactive Metronome ® to be a powerful tool for improving attention, focus, timing, sequencing, motor coordination, bilateral skills, language processing, academic performance and impulse control in children and adults.

Children with a wide range of diagnoses including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder and Dyspraxia have benefited from Interactive Metronome ®.

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Interactive Metronome ® can be used with children with a wide range of cognitive, motor and sensory challenges. For more information please visit: