Brain Train Cleveland

Connects Brain & Body for Power

Brain Train Cleveland  can serve people in the northeast Ohio region, provides one-to-one training for neuro-efficiency : using the Interactive Metronome.

We invite you and your potential  to participate in a FREE session. In this 20-minute visit, the potential trainee will have a Timing Assessment. Their ranking will be a key to comparing their abilities to age norms as well as comparing to leading sports figures and age appropriate scores.

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Brain training occurs while we move and even during times of thinking while sitting. Brain engagement has a great influence on the connectivity between muscles and the transmission of information along the neural system.

Brain Training is Cognitive Enrichment for Children and Adults

Cognitive enrichment: what does it mean for you or your children?

it means being able to decrease the time that is involved in transmitting information along the neural system.

What is the benefit of making links between the body and the brain? Look over this list…

  • Fluency in reading
  • Fluency in math skills
  • Behavior control
  • Aggression control
  • Improved processing speed
  • Faster Thinking


Perhaps your child or teen is already been placed into an accelerated class and benefiting from that enhanced curriculum.

Though the scholastic rigor and expanded program is demanding for your child, you might be wondering what other supplemental work might incorporated into their schedule.

     Brain training method

Perhaps the curriculum challenges are appropriate but require intense focus. May might consider offering a Brain Train Cleveland session to increase the thinking speed [processing speed of the brain] to allow efficiency in concentration and organizational abilities.

Gifted children usually comprehend concepts well and have a broad vision of a subject. But perhaps, there might be gains in the execution of specific skills, including attention, processing speed, computation and higher levels of reasoning and logic with the discipline of the Interactive Metronome.

With a complimentary 20 minute Timing Survey in our Brain Train offices in Westlake, we can establish the current timing speed for your child [or yourself]. If the process seems useful for your goals for your child and their own desire for success, we suggest you enroll in the 12 session program that is delivered over 3 weeks.

There are significant differences between students who acquire efficient processing speeds and those who do not.

Your child will emerge from this training with confidence and the ability to become even more of a rising star.

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