Baby Exercise Calendar

Baby Exercise Calendar

touch skin During baby exercise: use a light touch on face to stimulate the skin and brain.


Baby Exercise Calendar will guide your baby through a carefully organized series of gentle stretches and experiences throughout their first year.

This Baby Exercise Calendar e-book for Amazon’s Kindle will take your baby to their feet over the first year of life.

The wisdom of movement, for all of us, is the linking of muscle to mind. The body-brain connections are fundamental to growth and development. Give your baby daily experiences in a logical order that will bring them to their feet!


baby exercise Daily guide for first year

We each move to learn and learn to move. The more movement experiences an infant senses the richer the matrix of neurons between their:

  • Arms and legs
  • Head and neck
  • Back and hips
  • Torso: prone and supine
  • Stretches and grips

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Have older children? Use the Kidskills Movement and Sports Training Manuals to build a strong connection between body and brain.

Using these training tools, a parent or an educator can guide play-based learning experiences that establish a confidence in the youngsters: so they can say: ” I Can Do That!”.

The six Manuals give simple task to build movement competency and physical literacy.

  1. Feet First Manual One: Balance & Strengthening Feet
  2. Moving Right Along! Manual Two: Footwork & Locomotion
  3. Go! Stop! Go! manual Three: Starting & Stopping Action
  4. Up and Over! Manual Four: Getting Off the Ground & Landing
  5. Making Muscles Manual Five: Learning Body Control
  6. Hang On! Manual Six: Controlling Objects