Books: for Baby and Preschoolers

New release Baby Exercise Book

baby exercise Day-by-day guide to 1st year of movement

By using sports training books and the movement skills development ideas: parents are pivotal in their children’s physical development. No movement skills or abilities are completely natural. Everyone needs to:

Move to Learn      Learn to Move      LEARN to LEARN

for gaining the fundamental and basic skills in movement and body management to sports training and skills acquisitions-parents must act as the child’s first teacher!

Sports Training Books and Videos will bring colorful experiences and music to bring youngsters into good rhythms for training their bodies and brains.

Physical education for kids.

Just released:   iBookstore for iPad  ~ 2nd edition

Kidskills movement training Media enhanced Editions bring music and guidance to the lessons


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The Training Series of Manuals consists of six e-books.

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1. Feet First Manua  develops the balance acuity of the feet for preschoolers.

2. Moving Right Along! develops abilities while traveling in all directions and at different speeds.

3. Go! Stop! Go!  guides a youngster as they begin motion and then as they must control any stopping of motion, like the end of running or landing a jump or hop.

4. Up and Over! when children begin to leave the ground, this manual will develop good use of the legs and feet and aid body control while in the air and when youngsters land.

5. Making Muscles presents a progressive series of exercises for children to develop body-mind connections and build awareness of the body during motion. Sports training begins with simple and sequential patterns of movement that will develop strength and knowledge of body position during action.

6. Hang On! Manual helps youngsters explore the dynamics of handling an object.

There are printed books available and eBooks for: