touch skin           Light touch on face brings brain growth

Baby Face

The lightest touch on your baby’s skin will develop their ability to sense and discriminate the parts of their face, the interaction between you and them as well as create beginning circuits between body and brain.

Use soft and gentle strokes with your finger -or- a clean feather to trace the perimeter of your baby’s face.

The slightest touch will bring their sensory system into action. Your soft speech can increase the sensory input to their brain.

These new neural routes will begin the dialogue between body-mind. these new circuits will bring an awareness to baby that they had:

  • Different sections of their face
  • Give them a sense that there is a start and an end to the stroke.
  • Allow them to develop better ability to focus on your face
  • Provide a moment of bonding
  • Build a pattern of gentle and comfortable interaction between the two of you.

Find a calm space and make your baby’s face the object of your attention.

That is an easy task! Shower them with love.