Playgrounds Aid Learning for Preschoolers

Use Playgrounds to Introduce

Fundamental Exercise Ideas

Playgrounds are the prefect place to provide early learning for preschoolers.

With your guidance, your youngsters can try new moves, explore fundamental movement skills and locomotor steps.

You may have to make suggestions and do a bit of “Show and Tell” during the first sessions at a playground.

But your children will also develop their abilities through exploration and observations they make while watching other children…in action!

For learning kid skills, learning takes a simple and established path:  mimicry!

Monkey see…monkey DO! Let kids exercise and strength their bodies and brain connections by watching other children then doing!

Since most caregivers and parents and grandparents live within a walk to a playground. Try using those sites for play fun, kid skills practicing and enhancing health for youngsters and preschoolers.

Look at this video for some very specific ideas on skills to emphasize as the kids do their exercise.

As the caregiver, you can suggest:

  1. Swinging
  2. Pushing
  3. Sliding
  4. Hanging
  5. Suspension
  6. Climbing
  7. Exploring
  8. Following
  9. Gripping

Every muscle that moves gives a great message to the BRAIN!

During the first visits to the playgrounds, make certain that you stay close by…NOT hovering but watching…with your nurturing eyes…the early attempts to master the basics listed above.

Remember you early goals:

  • To make it across the horizontal ladders
  • To make it down the slides
  • To be able to ‘pump’ the swing by yourself

These abilities, really do not happen…without a bit of nurturing. There is a myth that some kids are naturals.  In truth, the step by step process of skills building starts at birth…the wriggling and early rolling and reaching…all accumulate to build bodies and unify movement to the brain’s control systems

A person:

  • Moves to Learn
  • Learns to Move
  • Learns to Learn

Make certain your children gain all the confidence that they can in mastering motions in safe settings with your gentle guidance.