Sport Training Videos

Sport Training Videos

Sport training videos can quickly show youngsters many elements of both fundamental movements and the general pace and speed of performance of the very steps and actions: KIDS want to DO!

By watching colorful video demonstrations, done by youngsters, your child will be encouraged to try, too!


Sport Training Videos Help Children Learn Basic BODY POSITIONS

Sports Training Videos Will Teach JUMPING SKILLS to Preschoolers

These short videos illustrate basic movement skills for youngsters. We have a progressively organized series  of movement education manuals that can offer you: the child’s first teacher, a set of guidelines. In a series of simple tasks, your child will gain that I Can Do That! confidence with your encouragement and mastery of the series of basic skills.

One-by-one the tasks will bring the child to the mastery of a movement vocabulary. Coupled with a new vocabulary of body part terms, directional terms and a set of quality of movement terms…BOTH their verbal language and their movement vocabulary will grow@

That growth will bring a wealth of information to their brain: body power + brain power equal BRILLIANCE!

For young children’s learning movement skills and beginning sports training, their watching short and colorful videos of other children performing simple tasks and moving in a rhythmic way to a beat or some lilting and lively music….really helps their early learning.

Watching other children try basic skills and do some exploration of managing their bodies while in motion: uses the excellent teaching method: ‘monkey see: monkey do’!  We all did it!  People [big or small] can acquire skills and develop their abilities by observing others!