Action Gallery

Action Gallery: Play

Action for children, is an endless stream of energy, wiggles and exploring their surroundings. Make certain that you children are able placed in a safe place for an hour everyday: so they can be physical active!

There is nothing like kid in action, lost in the JOY of moving. Take a few minutes in this section. We have prepared a series of videos that will give you, the caregiver and or parent some quick ideas on how to get preschoolers and toddlers to try simple movement tasks. We offer you a series of videos and Kidskills Movement and Sports Training Manuals that will give you some:

  1. Teaching tips
  2. Ideas for practice sessions
  3. Hints on length of sessions
  4. Vocabulary
  5. Body part terms to use

Moe action on the Playgrounds and out-of-door play areas that will provide opportunity for children to build strength, develop eye-hand and eye-foot coordination, agility and balance, dexterity, locomotor skills, self-confidence, visual perception acuity, sensory integration, FUN!

Learning how to manage their bodies while in motion and how to arrest motion, safely…all skills that do NOT develop naturally!

The importance of vigorous daily activity is so important to bring oxygen to the brain and flood the cells with healthy oxygen-rich blood.

Parents and caregivers must provide safe situations for the development of these abilities!