Brain Train Cleveland, a service provider for improving neurological/cognitive efficiency is now offering the cutting-edge technology by the leading method for these goals: the Interactive Metronome.

One-to-one training is offered by Diane Massad, Certified IM trainer, for individuals who seek gains in neuro-timing. Diane has been delivering the IM training for 16 years.

Neuro-timing defines the smooth and precise rate of travel of information along a person nervous system:  muscles-to-brain.

Neuro-efficiency allow that improved speed of transmission to make gains in:

  1. Reading fluency
  2. Math processing fluency
  3. Motor sequencing
  4. Visual interpretations
  5. Language-speech fluency

In three weeks, a trainee will make evidence-based gains in their processing efficiencies. Session require one-hour of work.

There is a wide spectrum of individuals who would benefit from this process:

  • Students with cognitive challenges
  • Seniors who are determined to ‘use’ their brain efficiently
  • Individuals who have had an injury, stroke, or brain functioning deficit
  • Persons who seek an increase in brain functionality: precise motion or music instrument competency
  • Golfers who seek gains in accuracy

Whether an athlete, musician or a student the gains are measurable during each training sessions.

Brain training method

Plan to visit Brain Train Cleveland this spring and receive a 15-minute Assessment of your processing efficiency! The assessment will allow Diane Massad, CIMT, to compare your status to those of significant performers: athletes and musicians [professionals who have trained with the Interactive Metronome.

Set an appointment for your complementary 15-minute assessment to determine your current rate of transmission of information …along your nervous system. Call Diane at (440) 835-5071 or email: